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Fishing Charters

We offer many types of fishing and can even customise your day on the water to suit your preference and to match the seasonal fish of the period. We specialize in a smaller more personal charter experience. Our Boat  REEL - FIN has been kitted out to ensure YOU, our clients are comfortable at all times.

Terrigal Sportfishing is passionate about the ocean and we operate both catch to keep & catch and release charters depending on your requirements.

Our tackle is all high end gear whether you wish to drift for flat head, bottom fish the reefs or hunt the mighty game fish. All gear is prime. 

Bluetooth stereo and subwoofers have been fitted to REEL - FIN to add  to your personal experience while on our charter boat. Toilet and storage areas on board.

Tuna Fishing Charter
Reef Fishing





Reef fishing can produce your dream snapper, mulloway, perch and numerous types of reef species. From novice to expert all ages, genders and walks of life. Everyone needs to enjoy this relaxing sport.

Reef Fishing Charter
Jigging for Kingfish

Get your arms pulled off by the hardest fighting fish, pound for pound, in the pacific ocean. We target KING FISH by deep sea  jigging, with live baits, down rigger or lure fishing. Kings are highly regarded sport fish which will test everyones  angling abilities, great to catch and great to eat.  

Kingfish Fishing Charter
Deep drop fishing





Catch monsters from the deep. We have extensive range of electric reels, heavy rods and specialised deep drop tackle to chase blue eyed cod, gemfish, deep sea perch and the many 'freaks from the deep'

Deep Drop FIshing Charter
Family Fishing




We can customise a day to suit your family or group to the type of day you want to have. Calmer waters, whale watching. Even a fish and bbq on a secluded beach. Your charter can be as personalised as you wish.

Family Fishing Charter
Tuna Fishing





Yellowfin or Bluefin are both bucket list catches for die hard fishermen and women and one of our favorite types of fishing. When the fish are within our scopes we troll, live bait, cube and cast lures for these incredible fish

Tuna Fishing Charter
Game Fishing





The warmer months bring these amazing creatures to our fishing grounds. Our game fishing charters we hunt for black, blue and stripe marlin, mahi mahi and other game fish for an adrenalin filled catch of a life time

Game Fishing Charter
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